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Management Idea

Besides the tangible assets, an enterprise value also consists the intangible assets which exactly the most difficult thing to evaluate. And the biggest factor to create the intangible assets is human being---which we call Human Capital. So in the future knowledge-based society, the intangible assets will be far more important than tangible assets.
Based on the people-oriented idea, Zhongsheng makes its management idea, company system and training plan.

People Orientation

Focusing on the human value is the core concept of humanism, just like the Book of Changes says “observe the evolution of human civilization, then we use it to the people to develop in a good direction ”, so we put the people-oriented idea at the core positionwhich is reflected on two aspects, including our personnel and our customers.
The personnel are the most important assets of our company. Thus, we have to assist them to improve their personal capabilities constantly, focus on their benefits, respect and gather the talented people together, operate inside and arrange them at appropriate post. Meanwhile, we also use it to strengthen structure, provide considerate services to our customers to maximize their satisfaction.
Following the above concepts, we hope the personnel and customers can become the two strongest pillars to Zhongsheng’s constant operation and development.

Knowledge Innovation

An enterprise needs to innovate constantly to keep its competitive advantage, including research and development of products, service quality, work flow and organizational restructuring and so on, like the Tangpan Ming says ”If you renew yourself for one day, you can renew yourself daily, and continue to do so”.
However all these are dominated by knowledge innovation. The 21st century is an era of competitionby knowledge. Knowledge will become the key factor in deciding an enterprise's victory or defeat. All the levels of business management must reschool from time to time to gain new knowledge in a comprehensive way, digest it and convert it into intelligence to benefit the whole enterprise. That is our purpose of pursuing knowledge innovation.

Team Work

This is an era with rapid advancements. Elite are essential but the individual heroism has been out of season.
It is universally recognized that the loser can only compete by himself but the winner knows how to make use of the teamwork. LgorAnsoff said: the teamwork effect is to get five by two plus two.
A high-performance team usually has the features of strong cohesiveness, same value orientation, good discipline, high efficiency and joint performance.

Organic Growth

The corporate culture which has been mentioned above construct a foundation for the organism of Zhongsheng. It motivates all the personnel' momentum and self-managed spirit. Thus, this culture makes our organizational structure full of vitality just like a deeply-rooted tree flourishing and hoping.
After establishment of such an organism, we will constantly make correct decisions, definite plans and conduct effective actions to make it grow soundly long time.


Keep improving products and service quality to meet and exceed customers’ requirements.


Respect customers, maintain relationship, accomplish missions
Realize the personnel’s self-managed responsibility, motivate effective teamwork, improve competitive edges.
Give a general control of costs and carry out budgeting system to achieve objects and create profits