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Flat-top tower crane

Zhongsheng flat-top tower crane has quickly won his market share with its modern design, reasonable structure, excellent boom applicability, high usage ratio, strong fatigue and shock resistance of steel structure and other competitive advantages under the cruel market environment.

Zhongsheng flat-top tower cranes work well in cross operation, especially the construction site which has high requirements of heights, such as renovation and expansion of airport, construction inside channel and factory, and the construction under the power line, as well as the construction site which needs to change range, like the construction of hyperbolic cooling tower in power plants.

Meanwhile, it also works well under limited operating area, such as high rise buildings with podiums. And the requirements of auxiliary cranes for installation and disassembly of tower crane boom sections have been reduced greatly, which not only saves expenses for installation and disassembly, but also makes the whole operation more safe and fast. 

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