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Warm Winter
In the long winter, It will be a new challenge to the kids in the poor mountain area, they not only have to walk a long way to school in wind and snow, but also have to study and write with frozen hands in the classroom with no heating equipment. Even though they wear thick clothes, they still have chilblain on their faces and hands. They share same sunshine and dream with the kids in cities, but they can’t get the equal life condition, Even so, they are clinging, and some of them are much better than the kids from cities in character and learning.
"Warm the kids’ hands with your loving heart”, A cloth may help the a kid has a warm winter, a kindness may influence the kids to grow with a grateful heart.
Warm winter---heart-warming journey

Zhongsheng and Wocha initiated their first public benefit activity----warm winter, with the great response of JSTV, Jiangsu Traffic Announcement Network and other medias, full support of Yishun logistics, active participations of citizens and friends in N



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