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Warm celebration to ZSL2700 and ZSL1250 tower crane of Zhongsheng Construction Co. in successfully hoisting the Tianjin Goldin Finance 117
Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 project which is constructed by China Construction third Building (Group) Corporation Ltd. adopts the Zhong Sheng two sets ZSL2700 and two sets ZSL1250 for the hoisting work of which processed successfully so far. In terms of the construction of world high-rise steel structure, ZSL2700 belongs to the super-large inner climbing luffing tower crane. It adopts the diesel motor engine driven with the max. working radius of 65m. Its hosing weight is 100t at the radius of 27m and max. hoisting height can be reach to 597m with the hoisting speed of 110m/min. Either its hoisting performance or technical standard takes the leading position among China.
The overall height of Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 after completion is 597m with the single construction area of 830,000 square meters. It embraces top grade store, office building, business apartment and six-star hotel as a whole as which remarks the symbolic building in Tianjin and first top building in North China after completion.

ZSL2700 / ZSL1250在天津高银—117大厦施工图