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Zhongsheng won the title “Good Equipment Supplier,2016” from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.
   January 9, 2017, at the annual equipment supplier meeting of Chengdu Branch of China Construction Engineering Third Bureau Co., Ltd. Zhongsheng passed the standard evaluation system “annual regular inspection of expert group and comprehensive score of project service evaluation”, stood out from 38 registered equipment suppliers and won the title “Good Equipment Supplier,2016”.

  In the past year, Zhongsheng provided a series of luffing tower cranes, such as ZSL380ZSL500ZSL750ZSL1250ZSL1700 and so on, to the Chongqing Raffles Project and Chengdu Greenland Center Project which are both under construction of China Construction Engineering Third Bureau Co., Ltd. This series of luffing tower cranes has small rotating radius, large working range and super large hoisting load which has made them perform perfectly in the construction of super-high buildings.

  Because Zhongsheng always follow the developing trend of building industry and improve the quality of product and service, so we can stand out from the drastic competition of the market which gives less and less construction time and more and more intensive working condition in the large building construction. Winning the title is the recognition to us work, as well as an inspiration for us to keep moving forward.


图1 右三为我公司商务部陈育庭经理

图2 “2016年度优秀设备供应商”荣誉牌